1 Lb Torrone Gift Box


Available for a limited time only!


Approximately 10 individually wrapped, hand cut strips of our original recipe Torrone, which is created with the same tools used by Giuseppe Termini.

Torrone is a nougat made from honey, egg whites, almonds and pistachios among other things, and is a traditional Christmastime or wintertime treat. This confection is typically only made during the cooler weather months in order to achieve the proper “molido” (soft and chewy) consistency that we find so delicious.

We use only whole imported California pistachios and almonds in our Torrone.


Note: Termini Brothers is an open-air bakery where nuts, flours, and other possible allergens are present. Each item is handmade which may cause variations in size, shape and color. There are no preservatives in our products and therefore, are meant to be enjoyed when they are received.


Approximately 1 lb. of Torrone

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