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October is an important time of year here at Termini Brothers. It is the beginning of our busy holiday season and when we continue the Sicilian Tradition of making our Ossa di Mortu” (Bones of the Dead) cookies. Made by hand, using the recipe Giuseppe and Gaetano Termini brought over from their hometown of Enna, Sicily, we use the same molds and tools they used over 97 years ago.


These delightful honey and clove flavored cookies are traditionally very hard* which makes them perfect for dipping in red or mulled wines, ciders, and espresso to soften!


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*Note: The “Ossa di Mortu” (Dead Bone Cookies) are extremely hard and meant for dunking or dipping in wine. (Otherwise, we do not recommend biting and chewing as they could damage your teeth)

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Our Dead Bones Gift box is approximately 1 lb