Lemon Cooler Kit


Our Lemon Cooler Ring Cake has been an iconic Termini Brothers favorite since the 1980s. This light refreshing vanilla cake is a summertime seasonal treat and only available from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Filled and coated with our handmade lemon curd, it is then covered in our sponge cake crumbs giving that perfect warm weather treat.


Note: Termini Brothers is an open-air bakery where nuts, flours, and other possible allergens are present.  Each item is handmade which may cause variations in size, shape and color.  There are no preservatives in our products and therefore, are meant to be enjoyed when they are received.


Package contains:

1 Vanilla Ring Cake

1 Bag of Lemon Curd

1 Bag of Sponge Cake Crumbs

$5.00 Standard Ground Shipping Nationwide