• Zeppole Gift Package

    • The Zeppole is an Italian Pastry that originated in the province of Naples to celebrate the feast of Saint Joseph. The round shape of the pastry signifies "Unity of the Family". To be made the "traditional way", production requires five tedious steps. We still use the same recipe and same exact tools used by our founder to create this traditional pastry.
    • Our Traditional Zeppole is filled with our renowned Ricotta Cheese with Chocolate Chips and Citron filling

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Termini Brothers Bakery is located in Philadelphia, PA. Termini Brothers Bakery is one of the original Italian Bakeries in Philadelphia and home of the cannoli. Two brothers. One suitcase. One simple dream. That’s how it all began back in 1921, when Giuseppe left Enna, Sicily to reunite with his brother Gaetano, who had come to America one year earlier. Gaetano’s position at the Stetson hat company afforded them the opportunity to save enough money to open a small, humble bakery in the heart of South Philadelphia. After a year of accumulating whatever funds they could, the dream became a reality. The original site was established at 1514 South 8th Street, across the street from our current main store and bakery shop. The two brothers’ tireless work ethic, in conjunction with their commitment to reinvesting their revenue, allowed them to build a tradition and reputation for quality that has lasted for generations.

Termini Brothers Bakery Philadelphia