• Executive Signature Cookie Tray

    • Approximate Weight: 3 lbs
    • Approximate Servings: 15
    • Includes Nine Varieties of our handmade cookies as well as Torrone (seasonally, while supplies last), imported Italian Candy and Candied Coated Almonds

  • Bella Donna Cookie Tin

    • 30-34 Cookies
    • Approximate Weight: 1.5 lbs.
    • Cookies Included
    • Pignoli
    • Plain Amaretti
    • Almond Topped Amaretti
    • Filbert Macaroon

  • Pignoli Cookie Box

    • Approximately 14-16 Pignoli Cookies
    • Every pan of Cookies is hand dipped into a tub of whole imported Spanish Pignoli Nuts.
    • Gift Box also includes imported Italian Hard Candy and Chocolates (seasonally), and Candied Coated Almonds.

  • Small Cannoli Package

    • Termini Brothers Signature Cannoli
    • Your choice of two bags of filling in either Vanilla Italian Pastry Cream, Chocolate Italian Pastry Cream or Ricotta Cheese with Chocolate Chips and Citron
    • Feel free to mix and match!

  • Sfogliatelle Gift Package

    • 6 Handmade Sfogliatelle (pronounced "s-voy-a-dell", which means "many leaves") are a traditional pastry from Naples.
    • The dough, similar to a puff pastry (although crispier), is mixed, rolled and shaped by hand, and filled with a mixture of our Organic Ricotta Cheese, Sweetened Cooked Farina and house-peeled Orange Peel.
    • They are best served with a cup of hot espresso.

  • Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake

    • A vanilla coffee cake baked with chocolate chips and topped with vanilla coffee cake crumb, mixed with chocolate chips.
      Serves 10 to 12

  • Torrone Gift Box

    • 15 Individually wrapped hand cut strips of our homemade Torrone, created with the same recipe and hand-crafted tools that Giuseppe Termini originally used.
    • A nougat made from honey, egg whites, almonds and pistachios, and is a traditional Holiday or wintertime treat.

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Termini Brothers Bakery is located in Philadelphia, PA. Termini Brothers Bakery is one of the original Italian Bakeries in Philadelphia and home of the cannoli. Two brothers. One suitcase. One simple dream. That’s how it all began back in 1921, when Giuseppe left Enna, Sicily to reunite with his brother Gaetano, who had come to America one year earlier. Gaetano’s position at the Stetson hat company afforded them the opportunity to save enough money to open a small, humble bakery in the heart of South Philadelphia. After a year of accumulating whatever funds they could, the dream became a reality. The original site was established at 1514 South 8th Street, across the street from our current main store and bakery shop. The two brothers’ tireless work ethic, in conjunction with their commitment to reinvesting their revenue, allowed them to build a tradition and reputation for quality that has lasted for generations.

Termini Brothers Bakery Philadelphia