About Us

If you don’t already know, Termini Brothers Bakery is a Philadelphia staple. For 97 years our family has been dedicated to continuing the legacy of creating products the good old fashioned way, following the same recipes (and using the same tables) as our Grandfather did before us. We’ve been doing this for a while and keeping traditions alive - you should definitely stop by and check us out if you haven’t already.

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Our Story

Two brothers. One Suitcase. One simple dream.

Giuseppe and Gaetano set out to fulfill the dream of opening a bakery in their new country.



Initially working at Stetson Hat Company, the Termini Brothers save enough money to open a humble kitchen and storefront. Termini Brothers Bakery was born.

Within 2 years, Termini Brothers became the go-to spot for wedding cakes - allowing the brothers to purchase their first delivery truck.



Giuseppe marries Mariangela Termini, the first Matriarch of the Termini Family.

7 years after arriving in the United States, Giuseppe becomes an American citizen.



17 years after opening their small storefront, the brothers saved enough money to move across the street to a larger location - where Termini Brothers Bakery currently stands today. Vincent Termini Sr. is born in that same year.

As WWII unfolded, the demand for Termini Brothers fruit cakes being shipped overseas to the frontline is insatiable, adding further to the legacy and reputation of the bakery. Young Vincent is growing fast and already being taught the lesson of having a strong work ethic.



The brothers purchase the properties on Franklin Street behind the bakery to create a bigger work shop. Vincent Sr. enters the business as a baker.

The Philadelphia culinary landscape starts to take form as some of the most established reputable businesses begin to grow.



Termini Brothers incorporates and our Logo is born. Vincent Sr. takes his place as his father’s shop manager. During the 70’s, Maria, Joseph, and Vincent Jr. are born.

Vincent Sr. expands Termini Brothers by opening two satellite locations in the Reading Terminal Market, and 24th and Oregon Ave.



The 8th Street store goes through a revitalization. Joseph and Vincent Sr. continue to work side by side every day, and the shop team grows to accommodate the growth in business from the new locations. Joey and Vinny enter the business as weekend apprentices.

Termini Brothers Mail Order service is born. Joey and Vinny become full time bakers and work side by side with Vince Sr. The back shop is once again expanded to accommodate the potential mail order growth.



Termini Brothers ships Cannoli for the first time. Joey and Vinny assume the General Manager roles. Termini Brothers expands to the Market Shops in the Comcast Center.

The legacy continues with the birth of the 4th generation of Termini’s.



The tradition continues…