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Giuseppe Termini came to this country on a boat. On the bottom of that boat were steerage and the poor immigrants who had not much more than the clothes on their back and their dreams to make something of themselves. Giuseppe arrived on Ellis island as young man and loved and appreciated this country every day. He never forgot what this country did for him and offered him. And he was never ever going to let that opportunity get wasted.  He worked hard with his immigrant brother every day to make a better life. When Mr. Joe (that’s what his employees called him) would work at his wood bench in the bakery, he would listen to the radio. On some AM channel every day at noon they would play God Bless America. Mr Joe would turn the volume all the way up.  He was so proud of his country that tears would come to his eyes.  Today, try to remember those that have sacrificed to make your life what it is today.  Happy 4th of July. #godblessamerica #usa #terminibrothers #italianimmigrants #greatman #❤️🇺🇸
Treat yourself or someone that you love. Ship these pignoli cookies right to the home of someone you love. Maybe a birthday is coming up or maybe just a way to say I’m thinking of you.  #pignolicookies #mailorder #bakedgoods #terminibrothers #omg #myfavorite
All stores regular hours Sunday. Packer Avenue and 8th street open until 3pm on Memorial Day.


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